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Review for Classic Beef Meatballs by Erin:
Made these for the first time last week. My husband said 'I hope you realize you will have to make homemade meatballs from now on and keep them stocked in the freezer' I think he liked them. ;-)

Review for Classic Beef Meatballs by Lisa:
Excellent Recipe. I followed the directions, but omitted diced onions and used garlic powder with parsley in it when it called for garlic powder. I omitted the 1T parsley because it was in the garlic powder. Juicy, tasty, perfect. Thank you! oh.. yields between 18 and 20 (thought that should be mentioned somewhere)

Review for Classic Beef Meatballs by John Bierer:
Very good
I used 6# of venison and 6# of ground pork..
I followed the ingredients exactly. (Just 6 times the
Amounts of everything > 2 eggs 12eggs ETC)
Great meatballs

Review for Classic Beef Meatballs by Morey:
Followed the recipe to exact specs and everyone loved them. Simple and delicious!

Review for Swedish Meatballs by Lady Eszter:
It was a difficult but delicious recipe. I enjoyed it very much, this kind of taste what I like. I would do it again. :D